Citizenship and Residence in TRNC

Northern Cyprus has become one of the most sought-after places to live or invest with its rising standard of living, the opportunities it offers and its beautiful climate. Northern Cyprus, which offers a financial environment oriented to education, economic, safe business, quality infrastructure and especially privileged tax conditions, is developing and progressing day by day. This situation can be observed on the basis of investors and individuals. Investors, students and individuals prefer to buy property in North Cyprus to live and invest.

On your arrival in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you can enter with a tourist visa from 1 day to a maximum of three months given by the police. If you want to stay longer or buy a house here, you must apply for a residence permit before the visa given by the police expires.

What is a residence permit?

It is the document and permission that must be obtained for citizens of different countries who do not have TRNC citizenship to reside in the TRNC for more than 90 days.
Those who enter the TRNC with their passports and buy real estate are given a 1-year permit and a 2-year residence permit for persons over 60 years of age, with sufficient savings in the bank.

Getting Residence / Residence Permit with a Rental Agreement;

People along the Lease Agreement with the Republic of Turkey or Northern Cyprus may receive residence permits, provided banks show higher revenues in the Turkish Republic.

How can I apply for a residence permit?

According to the immigration laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you can apply with your passport to the immigration office located in the police headquarters of your city. Residence permits are approved by the Immigration Office in the center of Nicosia. A one-year residence permit is subject to a certain fee. The residence permit is renewed every year for a fee.

What is White Identity and How to Get It?

White ID is the document that is taken to have the right to reside in Northern Cyprus as much as he wants. After the 6-year permit of the person residing in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with a residence permit expires, the right to White Identity is born. Persons with a white identity card can stay in Northern Cyprus indefinitely without obtaining a residence permit. If the value of the immovable property purchased is £ 85.000 on the “Real Estate” title, a permanent residence permit is earned in the 7th year. this is called the White Identity.

Buying property in Northern Cyprus;

Despite the global economic crisis that has been going on since 2008, the Northern Cyprus real estate market is very convenient and its demand is increasing. Despite this, real estate prices have recently declined significantly, offering high quality of life at low cost for buyers.