Why You Should Buy in North Cyprus

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Project locations in North Cyprus

There are very few things we love to invest our assets on, the first one is definitely a wonderful house. Whenever you buy  a house, you always look for facilities, interior or exterior design of that house and apartment. It’s one of our passion to represent how beautiful my residence is!


Although there are varieties of houses, villas are one of the unique types that comes from the ancient Roman upper-class country house. In Northern Cyprus, we have luxury budget-friendly villas available for sale. Still, one question remains…


Why Properties Purchase from Cyprus?

Cyprus is a little magnificent island in the Mediterranean Sea, a wonderful travel destination for tourists, especially for beach lovers because of its clear water and beautiful craggy coastline. Cyprus is also famous for its multicultural diversities and great archaeological importance, mythologically Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite (ancient Greek goddess).


Why Should You Purchase Villa?

If you are thinking of comfortable houses, a villa is your ultimate choice. It includes all facilities such as security, comforts, a better environment, and no logistic issues.


We currently sell amazing villas in Northern Cyprus at affordable prices. With other facilities, we offer an attach communal pool, picnic area, forested land, wonderful mountain and sea views. For additional facilities, contact us

Is it Profitable to Buy Villas in Cyprus?

If you visit Cyprus, one thing you may notice is magnificent villas are there. There are two categories of buyers one who want to live in Cyprus and the other one who want to invest. It is obvious that properties in Cyprus are not going to down in the next few decades at least, so the money is saved!


It was once believed that villas in North Cyprus is more costly than apartments but nowadays, some villas are more affordable than a seafront apartment with all facilities. Surprisingly you can get a 5-years building warranty from our trusted estate and construction companies.


To get more info about villas, you can check our current properties.


Is it Legal to Buy Properties In Cyprus to Foreigners?

It’s absolutely legal to buy properties in Cyprus, especially for EU citizens they are allowed to buy without any restrictions but for UK citizens, it’s permitted with little restrictions since the UK left the EU.

Even once you buy a property in Cyprus, you will get a multi-visa for up to five years and be allowed to enter multiple times and stay up to 90 days over every 6 months period.


Reasons You Choose Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is now a hotspot for property buyers, people from the UK, EU, and Scandinavian countries are thriving to purchase villas, bungalows, apartments there. The top five reasons to choose Northern Cyprus are.


  • Healthy Climate: You will likely see sunrises almost every day in the year, and the environment here is kind of milder, not so cold like the UK nor as hot as middle east countries.
  • English Speaking: Most people in Cyprus can speak English or at least understand it. It’s because of the British colonial past and the fascinating education system there.
  • Beautiful Landscape: Northern Cyprus is mostly recognized for its beautiful nature, including the longest sandy beach, and eye-catching views of the mountains.
  • Affordable Properties: Properties in North Cyprus are much more budget-friendly compared to other locations in Cyprus. In that case, Let Sell Properties offer affordable apartments, villas, penthouse with lots of facilities.
  • Perfect for UK/EU Citizens: As you know that citizens from UK or EU have no restrictions to buy properties, Northern Cyprus is the perfect place to live, spend leisure time.



Who are We?


LET SELL PROPERTIES TURKEY we are a UK based property finding service company, our main goal is to find you well established legitimate estate agents and construction companies who can get your desired villas for renting or purchasing.


We have access to multiple developers in Northern Cyprus as well as in Turkey. We are the official representative of the largest  property brokerage in Northern Cyprus. Thus, we can provide the best and most relevant advice from your queries.