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The best way to check out properties that we at Letsellpropertiesturkey have to offer is by taking a property viewing inspection trips . You will be able to sample the life style in Turkey as well as explore the area. You will get the opportunity to view various properties all whilst having fun and enjoying the beauty of Turkey.

Here at Letsellpropertiesturkey we can help you arrange your property viewing inspection trip at a time that suites you. We can help you find the best priced airline tickets. This will be a cost that you will incur when you book your flights. To see what is included in your property viewing inspection trips please see below.

On arrival at either Dalaman, Bodrum or Izmir international airport you will be met by our agent and be chauffeured to the resort you are  choosing to purchase in. You will be taken to your accommodation, either an apartment or hotel depending on your preference when you book your inspection trip with Letsellpropertiesturkey. Most people prefer to stay in an apartment as this gives them a better feel for living in their own property in Turkey. The choice is yours and we will accommodate you in whichever you choose. We recommend that an inspection trip be for between 3 and 5 days. We do however find it is far better for our clients to stay for the 5 days as this gives you more time within the resort and gives you more time for your property search.

During your property viewing inspection trip you will spend time with our agents. We can get to know each other, and it will give you an opportunity to talk to our agent about the kind of property that you are interested in, your budget, how the property will be financed, what it is you want from a property, and the style and size of property. By doing this we can then ensure that the properties that you will view will be tailored to suit you and help us to help you find you your ideal Dream Home. It will also be a time for you to find out the complete process of buying a home in Turkey. The legal process, the financial costs, and the length of time it takes depends on what property you want to purchase, as we at Letsellpropertiesturkey also offer an Off-Plan option.

As well as showing you around different properties on offer our agent will also show you around the resorts so as you can familiarise yourself with the areas and get to know them. Our agent will also take you out for a complementary dinner during your Trip. We want you to feel free and comfortable with our agent and to build up a good business-client relationship. We are dedicated to all our clients and offer an extremely first-class approach in selling our properties and we believe that our clients are our priority first and foremost. When you spend time with your agent we want to you to know us and be rest assured that we will work with you every step of the way before, during, and after the process of buying a Dream Home in Turkey. We will also be available both in Turkey and the UK to answer any questions you may have at any time. Our service does not end on completion of a property as we also have tailored made packages in offering a first rate after sales service that cover all our client’s individual needs.

Letsellpropertiesturkey property viewing inspection trips are tailor made to accommodate the individual needs of our clients. Each trip varies as it depends on the length of your stay, the type of property that you are interested in, and how the property is to be financed. Our UK agent will spend time discussing with you all off these things prior to your trip. Once we have gathered the information we can then arrange your inspection trip to best suit you, our client. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable with Select Turkish Property, our agents, and the service we provide.

For further information or to arrange an Inspection Trip then please do not hesitate to contact us.

For our Northern Cyprus Developments the following details of Inspection Trips occurs.

Property Inspection Trips

About Our Trips

Take advantage of our tailor-made tours where we take you to multiple projects or properties on a schedule to find the property in Cyprus that best suits you and your lifestyle. From the moment you decide to invest or live in Cyprus, we analize your needs and preferences and offer a full AZ tour that includes your first arrival in Cyprus, your purchase process and a lifetime of after-sales services. The best part is that you will be refunded the cost of the trip when you complete your sales contract*

What are we doing differently?

On our Inspection Trips, more than 500 properties in our portfolio are analyzed, categorized and thoroughly checked to help you, the buyer, narrow down their options to best fit their lifestyle, needs and preferences. Since we are in no way limited to a single vendor, construction company or region, our analysis and recommendations are impartial and in line with the needs of our customers. We are able to offer the buyer all the pros and cons for a region or property. Life style, education quality, which is within the body of our company and related to our island and all its regions,

Timeline of the trip

That’s why the study trip begins with an online (or phone) counseling session to listen to the client’s wishes and narrow down some options and areas before he or she arrives in the country. In the meantime, our customer is fully listened to, his needs, preferences and what he does not prefer are determined, questions from him are answered, options are narrowed in line with our analysis, information and suggestions, and a general timetable for the journey is determined. This session is where the buyer’s purchase intent is understood and the buyer is briefed about his options.

This process then continues with the travel arrangements so that the dates of the program are determined for our company and your consultant to work on the details. The consultant then follows the client in the flow he or she arranges, with details of the customized timetable of the properties to visit, selected in the airport pick-up, accommodation, transportation and briefing session with the client. Our Inspection Trips usually take between 1-5 days depending on the property to be purchased and are usually reserved for a different region and/or property type each day.

On arrival, the buyer is taken to the accommodation for a stopover and given investment and lifestyle reports, as well as a full comparative analysis of the properties selected for their trip. This is followed by informative and detailed trips to various cities and regions where the buyer is given the chance to ask their questions and get all the details about properties and places visited.

The buyer is given the full assistance they need from local experts who will support 24/7 to ensure a smooth and complete experience when choosing the right property. Our program offers a comprehensive service consisting of expert knowledge of Real Estate, exclusive discounts and benefits, and top lawyers, appraisers, bankers and all the other small details that need due diligence and paperwork.

Once the property(s) deemed suitable by the buyer have been determined, a deposit** is made to make the reservation. Following this, the buyer is introduced to a reliable and long-time team of local lawyers and the paperwork is finalized to legally own property.

We guarantee a full refund* on accommodation and shipping costs once the purchase is completed with our company, and we guarantee lifetime after-sales support.

For more detailed information and conditions regarding our Inspection Trips, please contact us at info@letsellpropertiesturkey.co.uk

What is included in your Property Viewing Inspection Trip.

For our Turkish Inspection Trips the following conditions occur.

▪︎Help to locate the best priced airline tickets for your trip
▪︎On completion of your property sale your Airline tickets will be refunded to you to a value of £100 per person to a maximum of 2 people
▪︎Private Accommodation will be provided either in a self-catering apartment or a hotel depending on your choice
▪︎Breakfast for every day of your stay
▪︎Chauffer driven transfers to and from either Dalaman, Bodrum or Izmir airports
▪︎An agent available to you during the whole of your stay
▪︎A complementary evening meal during your stay
▪︎Tea and coffee will be provided for self-catering accommodation
▪︎A guided tour of your chosen and surrounding resorts