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Reasons Why it Turkey is an ideal country to choose to live in

Housing is cheap compared with other countries

Luxury properties are available, but in everyday towns such as Fethiye on the Mediterranean coast, a 2 bedroomed furnished apartment is quite easy to find for buyers with a budget of £45.000. Low prices have enabled many customers to buy a property outright without a mortgage or bank credit.

Ideal for long term investment

For those who are looking for a long term investment, these prices have potential to offer a very lucrative return on investment. Experts will recommend that the real estate market is the best long-term investment to make, but buyers in Turkey have added advantages over such countries such as Spain and southern Cyprus, where prices have already peaked.

The lifestyle is Laid back

Thousands of foreigners have already bought houses in Turkey, and although the low prices are a big temptation, the lifestyle is undoubtedly lures them to the country for permanent living. Most prefer the coastal towns of the Aegean and the Mediterranean so they can enjoy in seaside living, but other places like the mountainous Yesiluzumlu and the inland towns of Ovacik and Hisaronu have also proved to be very popular.

The low cost of living

One reason for buying in Turkey is the low cost of living. Pensioners are especially getting a good deal because of the exchange rate from their currency into Turkish lira is netting them more than the average cost of living back home.
The weekly shop in Turkey can turn out to be cheaper if visiting the weekly local outdoor markets where you can buy locally grown fruit, vegetables, cheese and olives. As for household bills there is no TV licence to pay. A very small amount of council tax which is a small fraction of the cost in the UK.

The food and culture and hospitable locals

Apart from the laid back lifestyle and low cost of living, clients have mentioned the Turkish food, culture and friendliness of the people as many of the reasons for choosing to purchase a property in Turkey. The local cuisines focus heavily on fresh ingredients to make the delicious home prepared meals, and makes the local diet the healthiest in the world.